"Internal culture has always been a core part of our proposition at Bother and numi have been an integral and essential part of our ability to retain and nurture this focus, even as we scale."
Doug Morton CEO of Bother

About Bother

Bother is a household management tool and digital-first grocery channel for curated ambient and household necessities.  Aiming to be the largest digital-first grocery destination in Europe within 5-10 years, Bother partnered with Numi to hire their founding Product Engineering & Data Science Team.


Bother had outsourced Software Engineering to a 3rd party and wanted to replace this dependency with their own Engineering capability. Pre-launch, this new market entrant, without a recognised brand, required an end to end recruiting and hiring process designing, managing and launching during the height of the COVID pandemic.

What we did

We initiated our discovery phase, interviewing the founding team, incumbent 3rd party and early investors to align the mission and purpose of the business and understand the culture of the team. In collaboration, crafting the required organisational structure required for success, penned job descriptions and carefully designed inclusive content and outreach messaging.

We identified and agreed on the target audience, market mapping, and calibrating for diversity & inclusion. We managed the candidate pipeline, the entire interview and selection process, the candidate experience and the onboarding and continued success of the hires.


Hired founding team members - Senior Product Manager, Senior Software Developers (x3), Data Scientist Applied ML Engineer.

We created a bespoke solution to solve their complex hires and challenges.

We embedded our team to operate as the people, culture and talent team.

Structured Tech organisation, narrated job descriptions and approach to the market.

Designed inclusive recruitment process, key metrics inline with company culture deck.

Rolled out interview and selection process, including a successful partnership with Geektastic for technical testing.


7 months into their launch, Bother, COVID born, is already showing signs of exponential growth. They are doubling revenue each month and have grown 10X since the first UK lockdown and expect to grow a further 10X over the next 6 months.

After hiring the first Tech team, within a 3 month period, the Tech team is now doubling in size, Numi is retained and continue working to hire for Product, Design, Engineering and Data Science.

Together this successful partnership will help Bother to become one of the fastest-growing, most economically viable and most cash-generative companies in their sector.


"numi successfully hired my immediate leadership team. They’ve consistently helped me to recruit excellent people, they seem to know everyone and manage to find the right person at the right time. Proven year after year, they have a strong network."
Paul Clark, CTO of Cloudcall

About Cloudcall

CloudCall is a unified communications business with a unique twist. As well as providing a global telephony platform rolled out across 3 continents, we have built tight integrations into over 20 CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zoho. Having recently hired a new Executive C-Suite, Cloudcall is overhauling the entirety of its infrastructure and rebuilding the technology organisation.


Listed on AIM, Cloudcall asked Numi to partner as an executive search company to identify and deliver 3 Director level candidates reporting to the CTO. Cloudcall has built and deployed a global VoIP/messaging platform based on SIP and RTC using best of breed Open Source technology. This monolith requires deconstructing with cloud-based architecture and micro-services deployment pattern. A new outcome-led agile culture is required to drive the performance of their delivery capability, improve quality, and prepare for scale.

What we did

We constructed 3 separate searches combining all of the components required to transform the culture of the organisation, working closely with the new executive leadership team.We looked for senior technology leaders to drive the performance of their delivery capability and improve velocity, whilst building for scale. This new team would be responsible for a distributed team of ~90 people split into product squads and made up of Product Managers, Agile Coaches, Engineers, Software Test Engineers, and more. It was crucial for us to deliver candidates that could operate successfully within the structure of this company.


Hired high calibre candidates: VP Engineering; VP Product; and Director Technology.

Designed interview and selection scorecard, to remove bias, and fairly assess candidates.

Delivered a robust market map of all appropriately skilled talent.

Collaborated weekly with the CTO and wider leadership team, with planning sessions.

Recommended outsourcing partners to migrate a proportion of the workforce from Belarus to Poland.


Reshaping of Cloudcalls Product & Engineering Org into squads, supported by a new leadership team. Restructured job responsibilities and aligned squads logically into the overall architecture. Introduced Product Engineering mindset, enabling the expansion of Cloudcall’s product suite into new verticals and territories (USA).

Cloudcall continues moving toward its ambition, to become the chosen communications partner for CRMs with a £50M revenue run-rate by 2026. Numi continues to operate as their exclusive executive search partner.

"We couldn’t have delivered the COVID vaccination program to our customers globally without the help of numi. They’re deeply networked in the EU tech space, they just 'get it'."

About Skedulo

A unique opportunity to create a truly enterprise-grade platform that delivers a global COVID vaccination program. Skedulo is a market-leading provider of a first-class SaaS platform for intelligent mobile workforce management. Skedulo is experiencing explosive growth having successfully delivered the first track and trace program in NYC.


As a global organisation with 160 people spread across the US, Australia, Vietnam and the UK, Skedulo were seeking to build out their UK product development team with the very best EU engineering talent.  Our challenge was to create a highly focused and specialised engineering team in the UK that is responsible for the ongoing development of that market-leading, core platform capability.

What we did

At the core of our solution, we embraced the globally distributed nature of the project, communicating daily with key business stakeholder across 3 continents. We explored the complexity of the platform, inviting our executive tech panel to analyse and approve the scale of the task, under extremely tight deadlines, driven by the pandemic.

We joined forces, agreeing on a partnership approach providing a consistent interview & selection process for internally referred candidates as well as externally sourced. Skedulo were presented with choices of fully formed teams (acqui-hire) in addition to individuals.Communications were simple and efficiently managed over slack, across multiple time zones.


Fully formed UK product development & platform engineering team hired and onboarded within 8 weeks: Engineering Manager; Principal Architect; Software Engineers (x2).

Established deep relationships with multi-stakeholder panel over disparate timezones.

Identified and delivered Engineering quality capable of dealing with high levels of abstraction, skilled in an AWS, Kubernetes based environment using Node.js, Kotlin/Java, Scala, React and Postgres.


With the help of this new team, Skedulo is now helping to roll out a COVID vaccination program across multiple US states.

Follow the sun model operational and reliable, UK / EU squad collaborating closely with APAC / USA.

Numi partnership extended to deliver the second cohort and extension of the founding team, hiring additional permanent team members along with Contractors.

"numi understand the technology market and they deliver high quality candidates to us every time, and fast. Technically our standards are high but our engineers are first and foremost good people, numi understand this balance perfectly.”
Bradley Stott, CCO of YLD

About YLD

YLD is a leading software engineering consultancy helping companies move from a culture of delivery to a culture of learning. Numi has become an exclusive partner of YLD working in partnership helping them to achieve their vision “Creating digital capabilities for you, that last beyond us”.


YLD requires speed, delivery and quality. Often they have urgent projects demanding the best talent to undergo a vigorous process before they embed on-site with clients. They have a reputation for building high performing teams for a number of different projects, to be able to fit into the culture they require the right mindset and ways of working. Numi’s founding team has historically worked with YLD since its inception, more than 7 years ago, the challenge is to consistently deliver value to their Client portfolio.

What we did

Numi over time has taken an extensive amount of time to understand the process, culture and profile which will succeed at YLD. It enables us to filter candidates at speed, as well as attract the very best talent. We’re an extension to the business origination teams, attending client discovery workshops, allowing us to truly align with the end clients goals.

In order for us to deliver value and impact we need to ensure that we are regularly networking within the industry, this enables us to identify the right talent at the right time. We operate seamlessly and effectively working together on Slack, accessing internal tools and systems creating an efficient and streamlined process.


Over a 7 year period, we have deeply embedded our teams, enabling us to operate a successful partnership delivering high calibre candidates. We have hired multiple teams into many different projects during 2021, historically we’ve built teams together serving high profile end clients for example The Trainline, DAZN and Conde Nast.

The bar at YLD, synonymous and renowned within the JavaScript community, is high, we’re proud to push this and continue to achieve success. Notwithstanding the quality, our pace and velocity is mandated to tight SLA’s with 24-hour turnarounds at each junction.


YLD has extended their partnership with Numi, to deliver talent to add value to their end clients projects, additionally to operate as an extension to generate new clients.

Supported by Numi, YLD continues to successfully consult and deliver services for: Software engineering; Digital product design; and Training programs.


"numi first of all ask good questions to make sure the opportunity is right for you, guides you through the process and checks up frequently on how things are going after you've started."Sami Tuohino, Head of Engineering at DrDoctor

About DrDoctor

DrDoctor builds digital solutions to increase capacity within the NHS and unlock effective patient care. Their technology saves the NHS £M’s every year through a wide range of products such as; patient platform, appointment management, patient-led bookings, video consultations - to name a few! With over 7M patients on their platforms, the work they do is truly transforming our healthcare services.


This fast-growing digital health business is scaling rapidly, with a fully functioning People, Culture & Talent team at capacity, Numi was invited to deliver Product & Engineering Leadership in the midst of the accelerated demand driven by the pandemic. Founded in 2012, the underlying technology architecture requires modernising and a new suite of products are required for DrDoctor to achieve their noble mission, to positively impact health services everywhere.

What we did

We agreed on a clearly defined and collaborative process, interviewing the founders and key decision-makers to unpick the nature of the challenge, uncovering the appetite for growth and the cultural dynamic within the company.

Fundamental to the success of this partnership, we streamlined and efficiently managed the process. We did this by utilising slack for instant messaging, weekly videos for feedback and calibration, and integration into Workable for candidate pipeline management.

We personalised the outreach, decoded it for diversity and inclusion purposes, and targeted against very narrow boundaries.  


Hired high calibre candidates: Head of Engineering; Head of Product, Software Engineer; Data Engineer.

Improved positive candidate experience feedback, curated personalised outreach, resulting in response at ratios 55%.

Reduced average time to hire to 18 days.


DrDoctor has tripled in size since the beginning of 2020, the appointment of the two Managers provided by Numi has enabled the team to scale rapidly and they have embedded brilliantly into the team.

With the continuing adoption of digital technologies, driven by the demand for remote services during the 3 UK lockdowns, DrDoctor continues to thrive and have invited Numi to continue hiring into the Product, Data & Tech org during 2021. 

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