We give you access to our networks, built over 40 years between our founders, and consistently operating within start-ups, scale-ups and large scale digital transformations.

Working from the inside-out we are embedded within your business, understanding what makes it tick so we can provide a structured solution that is tailored to your hiring challenges.

Working in nu ways is what makes great teams exceptional. We think different and find people that do the same, challenging the norm and embodying a unique perspective.

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Leave it to us, it's what we do, it's what we love doing.

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Our services


We hire and recruit product, engineering, design and data science teams, moving at speed to solve your challenges whilst defining a clear set of deliverables that reflect your business goals. 

We dive deep into your way of doing things, developing compelling narratives to ensure we engage with the right people. Whilst you focus on your business, we invest heavily in the identifying and sourcing of candidates, giving you the breathing room you need to make the perfect choice. 

We operate and manage an entirely automated suite of products for you, covering a broad spectrum and leaving no stone unturned: Linked In recruiter, our own custom video interview platform, Geektastic for bespoke technical testing, Github, Slack, Notion and many more.

We commit to delivering a diverse and inclusive pipeline with an exceptional candidate experience, ensuring your employee retention metrics will not only meet expectations, but exceed them. 

Search &

Executive search is a core service offered by the numi leadership. A more comprehensive and magnified dive into candidate selection, encompassing a uniquely distributed approach to delivering an entirely video-based short list.

From providing extra data, to market-mapping and employing a more thorough interview process, this is numi’s premium recruitment offering - the high-performing engine of our business tweaked to provide some extra horsepower. 

With access to our C-Suite network, built up since the first dotcom bubble, we provide you with trusted leaders as additional advisors, using our market knowledge, expertise and network to deliver your shortlist at an unrivalled pace yet without a compromise in quality.

Each search is conducted by a founder, supported by a director and you’ll meet with us weekly, with real-time reporting integrated into your systems. We operate a proven ten point process, structured for total efficiency and a maximised hit-rate.

Solutions Partnership

We partner directly with you as consultants, to provide SOW and Contracting solutions.

We work as one distributed team, sharing risk as well as understanding, aligning key business goals and offering fixed term solutions with mutuality of obligation.

We pull out key themes within your construct and identify new opportunities, making the evolution and enhancement of what already exists our primary goal whilst being there for you under all circumstances, even when there is a shortage of talent, but a specific project needs to be worked on.

This plug and play solution allows us to influence within the organisation, catering to your needs on demand, solving challenging problems and building great digital products.

Through this close-collaboration and the resulting short-feedback loops we are able to deliver specially tailored results at an increased rate and with even more personalised relevance.