Chief Product Officer - Smart Contracts/ Payments

Chief Product Officer/ Co-Founder - rid the world of scope 3 emissions


Zero-to-one (0-1) product opportunity


Become a Co-Founder


Cutting edge technology to mitigate emissions. Complete 0-1 Product environment


You’re building a climate tech business working on a genuine global issue


£150,000 - £200,000 salary with sizeable equity


Fully remote for the time being.


Who will you work with?


You'll be working with the CEO/ Founder. An ex Director of Ripple where they have worked within the web3 and blockchain industries building world class products to the financial sectors.


There's a CTO Co-Founder. They come from a geo-spatial engineering background and launched their own start up in soil degradation.


And that's it for perm staff. It's a small team with ambition and a genuine drive to make the business work.


What you’ll do


Whilst this is a business that is impacting emissions. They are looking for a Senior Product leader who has an in depth knowledge of de-centralised technologies with a further focus within blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.


You'll be working closely with the CEO, CTO and software agencies to build 0-1 Products where companies can use geo-spatial data through earth observation along with trustless web3 infrastructure to make it easy, cheap, and accessible for corporates and governments to monitor and incentivise the reduction of emissions from land use and land management.


Who you are


You'll be a Senior Product Leader who has a deep understanding within blockchain technologies and will be comfortable working with smart contracts directly related to payments. Whilst the geo-spatial data is the way they work out costings, the payment rails will be the product that underlines the businesses operations and how the business will be monetised.


You will have extensive experience working within 0-1 product environments and working directly with the C-Suite and being able to hold your own and offer your expertise with a founding team who are not payment experts.


You'll be comfortable working as an IC focussed CPO before a team is implemented and be comfortable working with external agencies.



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August 16, 2023
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